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  • Nathan’s Study Group

    Nathan’s Study Group

  • 3 Official LSATs

    3 Official LSATs

  • 3 LSATs Explained

    3 LSATs Explained

  • Proctored Exams

    Proctored Exams


$95 / month


$95 / month

  • Free Plan Plus...

    Free Plan Plus...

  • 49 Official LSATs

    49 Official LSATs

  • 49 LSATs Explained

    49 LSATs Explained

  • Progress Tracking

    Progress Tracking

  • Smart Drilling
    Smart Drilling
  • Ask Button

    Ask Button


$195 / month


$195 / month

  • Basic Plan Plus...

    Basic Plan Plus...

  • All 98 Official LSATs

    All 98 Official LSATs

  • All 98 LSATs Explained

    All 98 LSATs Explained

  • Lessons



$295 / month


$295 / month

All paid plans require an active LSAC PrepPlus subscription.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Basic, Premium, and Live?

Basic gives you access to smart drilling—the world’s best AI tutor learns from your mistakes and gives you targeted challenges to help you improve your score as effectively as possible. Plus you can take 49 official, full-length practice LSATs and then review them with our killer explanations.

Premium unlocks all 98 official practice LSATs, all our world-class explanations, our lessons, and our live proctored exams.

Live unlocks all our live classes in Zoom, seven days a week. All our teachers are home-grown Demon students who scored in the 99th percentile on the official LSAT. Each one offers their own spin on our irreverent, commonsense approach—come study with us to see how easy the LSAT can be.

Which plan should I get?

Start with one month of Live—and then go down to a lower plan if you wish. Here’s why:

1. We make the LSAT easy. Right now, you probably think that the LSAT is hard. Our teachers will transform the way you see the test. They’ll help you let go of the convoluted, overly theoretical approaches you might have learned elsewhere. In a month, you’ll start to see how easy the LSAT can be.

2. One LSAT point is worth $10,000. Play around with our Law School Scholarship Estimator and you’ll see how closely scholarship dollars track your LSAT score. One month of Live is just $295. This investment pays off in multiple LSAT points for most Live students, making it a no-brainer.

3. Time is your most valuable resource. In a month, our teachers will improve the efficiency of your self-study hours and show you how to get more out of our Premium and Basic plans. The Demon is the world’s best self-study tool.

Students often want to start with a lower plan and then upgrade to Live right before their official test. That’s backward. Start with Live so you can improve immediately and set yourself up to study successfully on your own.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan later?

Yes. If you upgrade before your renewal date, the Demon will immediately upgrade your plan, and your charge will be prorated.

If you downgrade before your renewal date, you will keep your current plan until your renewal date; then, the Demon will automatically downgrade your plan and charge you the new, lower rate.

If you cancel your plan, you will keep your current plan until your renewal date; then, the Demon will automatically downgrade your plan to Demon Free.

How do upgrades work?

If you upgrade today, we’ll discount your new plan by the amount left in your current plan. Also, your new plan will renew one month from today.

Example: Sarah’s Premium plan renews on April 20. If she upgrades to Live on April 10, she’ll have 10 days of Premium that she didn’t use. Because 10 days of Premium is $65, we’ll discount $65 off the first month of her Live plan. So instead of paying $295, she’ll pay $230 on April 10 and $295 every month thereafter. Her renewal date will also reset to the 10th of every month.

Why do I need PrepPlus?

To access official LSAT questions online, LSAC requires everyone to get a PrepPlus subscription. It costs $99 per year. And you can buy it here when you check out.

If you’ve already paid for PrepPlus at LSAC or at another company, you don’t need to buy it again here. One subscription works everywhere.

But keep in mind that PrepPlus is not your LSAC account where you manage your LSAT registrations or the Credential Assembly Service (CAS). It’s a separate service that gives you permission to access official LSAT questions online. If you don’t know what PrepPlus is, you probably don’t have it.

If you have an LSAC fee waiver, one year of PrepPlus is included.

What is LSAT Demon’s cancellation and refund policy?

Your Demon subscription begins as soon as your payment is processed and will automatically renew every month until you cancel. You can cancel anytime on the Plans page.

If you’re not satisfied, you can request a refund for your Demon subscription by calling or emailing our customer service team at You have 30 days to request a refund.

We can’t refund your payment for PrepPlus because it is a third-party service provided by LSAC.

What is an LSAC fee waiver?

If you lack the finances to take the LSAT or apply to law school, you can apply for a fee waiver from LSAC. If approved, you’ll get free or discounted materials from LSAC based on your level of need. You’ll also get discounts on our Demon plans. You can get your first four months of Basic for $30 or 20% off any plan indefinitely. Read about LSAC’s discounts and eligibility requirements.

To redeem one of these offers, visit the Plans page and select the plan you want. Before checkout, upload a PDF of your fee waiver. Once uploaded, the price will reflect the discounted price. Be sure to select “I have an active fee waiver” and “I have an active PrepPlus subscription” before clicking “confirm and pay.”

Can I renew my four months of Basic?

Our fee-waiver offer of four months of Basic for $30 is redeemable only once per person. But you are welcome to redeem the 20% discount for as long as your fee waiver is valid.

Do you offer other discounts?

At this time, the only other discount we offer is a military discount. With valid proof of current or past service, we offer 20% off any subscription level.

To redeem this discount, please send proof of service to Proof of service can include a copy of your DD Form 214, Leave and Earnings Statement (LES), a Service to School (S2S) welcome letter, or a proof of service letter from your administrative or personnel department.