August 2021 LSAT Study Group

11:00 pm

1 hr


Last Week

June score release

Should I sign up for the August LSAT

Stop trying to finish every section

To score preview or to not score preview

Where should I start if I am new to studying

Writing samples

Next Week

How to prepare for the August LSAT and beyond

Zeroing in on your mistakes so you can improve

Links Shared in Class

One-Hour LSAT

Go Deeper on Each Mistake

Online Test Prep is Better

Work Less for More Pay

Demon Premium Calendar

Demon Live Calendar

Thinking LSAT Podcast

Demon Daily Podcast

LSAC Dates, Deadlines & Score Release

Nathan Fox

Nathan Fox

LSAT Demon Cofounder

I’m not yelling at you—I’m yelling at the LSAT. My goal is to show you how easy this test can be.

This Class

Create and evolve your study plan for the next official LSAT.