Overcoming Score Plateaus

12:00 am

1 hr

All levels


Live plan required.


  • Do plateaus even exist?
  • Study differently if you want different results
  • Be mindful of your self-talk
  • The power of fresh starts (Hidden Brain podcast episode)
  • “It wasn’t me!”

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Are you being driven "nuts" by a score plateau? Does seeing your PT scores make you feel like you're "head-butting a wall?" You're not alone! In tonight's free class from LSAT Demon Cofounder Nathan Fox, students had a chance to vent about their score plateaus and ask questions about how to overcome them.

Nathan began by suggesting that score plateaus might not actually exist—most of the time, students draw conclusions from too few data points. Furthermore, your scores can be an imperfect indicator of your skill on the test. As long as you keep drilling, reviewing thoroughly, and feeling the “clicks” of understanding, you’re making real progress.

Nathan also championed the power of fresh starts. A change to your study approach—like studying in the morning instead of the evening—may bring better results. Nathan also encouraged students to improve their self-talk or else risk reinforcing harmful attitudes.

Nathan Fox

Nathan Fox

LSAT Demon Cofounder

I’m not yelling at you—I’m yelling at the LSAT. Like many, I sucked at the games when I started. After perfecting them, I scored my 179. My goal is to show you how easy this test can be.

This Class

Learn whether score plateaus are real and how to overcome them.