Nathan’s Class

1:00 am

2 hrs


Drilling w/ Nathan

Logic Games


Reading Comprehension


Need more time? Do these questions in advance.

“I’m a better LSAT teacher when I can see your faces—it’s important to know who’s laughing and who’s banging their head on their desk. Please help me out by leaving your camera on whenever possible.” - Nathan

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Nathan Fox

Nathan Fox

LSAT Demon Cofounder

I’m not yelling at you—I’m yelling at the LSAT. Like many, I sucked at the games when I started. After perfecting them, I scored my 179. My goal is to show you how easy this test can be.

This Class

Join cofounder Nathan Fox for an all-levels class appropriate for your first day of LSAT prep, your last day of LSAT prep, or anywhere in between. Show up, try your best, and ask questions.