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Official LSATs

We use only real LSAT questions. Take tests on your own, at any time, just like the official LSAT with three graded sections and one experimental section.

Tests J, 65, and 73
Tests J and 19-93
99 official tests
99 official tests
LSATs Explained

Read and watch killer explanations from Ben and Nathan.

Tests J, 65, and 73
Tests J, 19-65, 73, and 90
99 official tests
99 official tests
Free Monthly Class

Join us once a month to experience Demon Live, refine your LSAT skills, and ask questions.

Proctored Exams

Mimic test day by taking a full-length practice LSAT (four 35-minute sections) with a live proctor in Zoom.

Smart Drilling

The Demon tracks all your progress to identify and give you official LSAT questions that target your weaknesses. Our AI-guided smart drilling is the most effective way to improve your score.

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If you need help with a question, hit the Ask button. A Demon teacher will respond within 24 hours.


Learn the most effective LSAT strategies at your own pace with our full catalog of written and pre-recorded lessons.

Daily Live Classes

Join us in Zoom for live classes every day. Core classes meet two or three times a week and cover all three sections of the LSAT. Targeted classes focus on specific topics, such as Logic Games, and are tailored to your skill level. Ask your teacher questions. Missing a class? All our classes are recorded. Watch it later in our class library.

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