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Demon Team Jun 14, 2024Grade Deflation

Nathan and Erik help an anonymous listener draft a GPA addendum to address grade deflation at their undergraduate institution.

Demon Team Jun 13, 2024Is My GPA Too Low for the T14?

Listener Adrian worries that his GPA will be too low for T14 scholarships. Nathan and Erik tell Adrian to focus on getting straight A’s and to worry about law school later.

Demon Team Jun 12, 2024Medical Issues and Diversity Statements

Listener Lindsey asks if it’s appropriate to write a diversity statement about overcoming major medical issues.

Demon Team Jun 11, 2024150 to 174: Ryan's LSAT Success Story

LSAT Demon teacher Ryan joins Erik to share his LSAT success story. He starts by sharing that he turned down several full ride scholarships to take a slightly less offer from a school that is more aligned with his career goals. Then he shares how focusing on accuracy over speed is what caused his scores to jump so quickly. He closes out by sharing his perspective that focusing on the question in front of you is all that matters.  Read more about Ryan on our tutors page.  

Demon Team Jun 9, 2024Improve Your Predictions

Listener Nernemsaa asks how to get better at predicting the right answer on the LSAT.

Demon Team Jun 8, 2024Asking Professors for Letters of Recommendation

Erik and Nathan advise listener Grace on how to ask professors for letters of recommendation.

Demon Team Jun 8, 2024Politics and Personal Statements

An anonymous listener asks if their political conservatism will put them at a disadvantage in law school applications.

Demon Team Jun 6, 2024When Should I Take the LSAT?

When should you register for the LSAT? When your practice test scores indicate that you’re ready.

Demon Team Jun 6, 2024Focus on the Good Stuff

Nathan and Erik advise listener Bri to avoid trauma dumping in her law school applications.

Demon Team Jun 5, 2024June or August?

Listener Mason asks whether to take the June LSAT or wait until August for his fifth official attempt. 


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