Demon Team Jul 23, 2024ADHD and Law School

An anonymous listener worries that their ADHD will put them at a disadvantage in law school and legal practice.

Demon Team Jul 21, 2024Test-Optional Admissions

Ben and Nathan discuss GW Law’s recently announced limited test-optional admissions process for JD admissions.

Demon Team Jul 19, 2024Preparing for Law School Interviews

Erik and Nathan advise applicants on how to prepare for law school admissions interviews.

Demon Team Jul 18, 2024Expand Your List of Target Schools

Listener Max dreams of practicing law in Philadelphia.

Demon Team Jul 17, 2024137 to 170: Raven's LSAT Success Story

LSAT Demon student Raven joins Erik to share her LSAT success story.

Demon Team Jul 16, 2024Stop Trying to Finish Timed Sections

LSAT Demon student Camila worries that she’s stuck in a 150’s score plateau.

Demon Team Jul 14, 2024Should I Apply Before I Retake the LSAT?

Nathan and Erik advise LSAT Demon student Damien to wait until after he’s retaken the LSAT to submit his law school applications.

Demon Team Jul 13, 2024Score Variance Is Normal

Nathan and Ben assure LSAT Demon student Morgan that LSAT score variance is totally normal.

Demon Team Jul 12, 2024LSAT Fatigue

There’s only one surefire way to overcome fatigue on the LSAT.

Demon Team Jul 11, 2024Don't Call it a Scholarship "Negotiation"

Law schools hate to “negotiate” scholarships.


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