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Nathan Fox

Nathan Fox

Jul 1, 2021

Folks love throwing money at their LSAT studies—I never stop getting emails asking for book, class, and tutoring recommendations—but some of the best LSAT resources are absolutely free. Today I want to make sure that everyone who reads these lessons is aware that we offer not just one but two LSAT podcasts. They’re free to download, and you can listen to them while you’re doing other stuff. So not only do they cost you zero dollars, but they also magically cost you zero time. Pretty hard to beat.

Our LSAT podcasts let you “study when you can’t study.”

Ben and I started the Thinking LSAT podcast on a lark way back in 2014. The way I remember it, I said, “Hey Ben, want to start an LSAT podcast?” And Ben, ever the innovator, said, “Yes! ... Now, what’s a podcast?”

If you’re new to the show, I don’t recommend going all the way back to Episode 1. Instead, start with the most recent episode and work your way backward. As I write, in June 2021, we’re currently up to Episode 304. The episodes average about 90 minutes a piece. Holy hell—that’s about 450 hours of content. If you wanted, you could listen 24/7 for 19 straight days.

Please don’t do that. It would be bonkers to do that.

But please do use Thinking LSAT when you’re working out, walking your dog, or killing time at your mindless, soul-crushing job. (Actually, just quit that job.) Point is, the Thinking LSAT podcast is an excellent way to get tips on the LSAT and law school admissions while you’re doing other things.

We release new episodes of Thinking LSAT each Monday. They’re available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts,, YouTube, and about a bazillion other podcast apps.

Time is your most valuable resource.

Listening to the Thinking LSAT podcast helps you carve some of that time back and put it to productive use.

And if that’s not enough, this week we launched a brand new show: LSAT Demon Daily. The Daily features shorter episodes, released first thing in the morning, five days a week. This week, we’ve already tackled scholarships for part-time law schoolwhether to take the August LSAT, and an interview with student Ron, who went from 147 to 171 using the LSAT Demon. Be sure to subscribe so you can get episodes automatically delivered to your inbox each morning. They’ll be primed and ready for your commute, your coffee, or however else you want to incorporate them into your morning routine.

Don’t use the podcasts as a substitute for focused studying. When you have time to sit down and focus, you should be doing some combination of drilling, timed sections, and classes. But when you can’t devote 100% of your attention to studying, consider giving these two podcasts a listen. You might be surprised by how much LSAT and law school admissions knowledge can sneak into your brain while you’re pretending to do other stuff.

The podcasts cost you no time and no money. You can’t get any freer than that.