Are LSAT Accommodations Unfair?

Demon Team

Demon Team

Mar 18, 2024

Testing accommodations are meant to give students with documented disabilities a fair shot. But recent LSAT scoring data suggests that the current time-and-a-half minimum might not level the playing field—it might give an unfair advantage to people with accommodations. Ben and Nathan discuss the problematic state of LSAT accommodations and what it means for students. 

Later, the guys weigh the costs and benefits of taking the test five times. Does it matter to law schools how many times you've taken the LSAT? Your highest LSAT score is all that matters to law schools as it's the only score that law schools report.

Then they draft a short character and fitness addendum for another listener. If you need more help writing addendums, contact editor Leslie Blodgett

Finally, they urge students to avoid the comparison trap. Do what you can control and stop comparing yourself and your circumstances to anyone else. 

Word of the Week: Obscurantism

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