Without a Graeme of Evidence

Demon Team

Demon Team

Mar 26, 2024

Two weeks ago, Ben and Nathan revealed a shadow ban targeting LSAT Demon on Reddit. The sole moderator of the r/LSAT subreddit, Graeme Blake from LSAT Hacks, responded with personal attacks and false accusations of “sockpuppeting.” He then banned LSAT Demon entirely. This week, Nathan and Ben recap the strange saga and question Graeme’s motives for attempting to silence LSAT Demon and its supporters.

Later, the guys offer advice to a student who’s missing too many easy questions in Logical Reasoning. Nathan and Ben instruct Lawrence to slow down and avoid making sloppy mistakes.

Logic Games are an opportunity, not an obstacle. Ben and Nathan advise an anonymous listener on how to master LG in time for the June LSAT.

Listener Lauren has a stellar GPA and LSAT score, yet she was waitlisted at every school in the T14. The guys blame a combination of yield protection and bad luck. They encourage Lauren to write letters of continued interest and to reapply next year.

Ben and Nathan invite you to join the waitlist for their law school admissions course.

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