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Demon Team May 8, 2024April LSAT Audits

Ben and Nathan debunk a new conspiracy theory that’s grabbing attention on a certain subreddit.

Demon Team May 5, 2024Second-Guessing the Right Answer

It’s surprising how often LSAT students get spooked by a technicality in the right answer and end up picking a terrible answer instead. Tip: Don’t do that.

Demon Team May 4, 2024How We Reread

Nathan and Erik describe how rereading is key to their reading process.

Demon Team May 3, 2024Job Prospects for Online Law Students

Listener Brian wonders how to evaluate the merits of fully online law schools. Will online law students struggle to find jobs compared to their in-person counterparts?

Demon Team May 2, 2024Curves and Conditional Scholarships

Nathan and Erik discuss conditional scholarships, grading curves, and tuition guarantees. Listener Nora asks about conditional scholarships on the 509 Report. The section specifically being discussed looks like this:  If you'd like to see each school's 509 Report, check out our Scholarship Estimator. 

Demon Team May 1, 2024Law School Do-Over?

An anonymous listener was dismissed from law school for poor academic performance. Now they want to try again. Ben and Nathan recommend that the listener start with improving their LSAT score first. As previously stated on the podcast: The LSAT is Your Wrecking Ball. 

Demon Team Apr 30, 2024Move the Goalposts

You sell yourself short if you settle for “getting in.” Erik and Nathan urge listeners to aim for scholarships, not acceptances.

Demon Team Apr 28, 2024151 to 173: Joshua's LSAT Success Story

LSAT Demon team member Joshua joins Erik to share his LSAT success story. His journey began with the harsh reality of taking an official test with no prep. After finding the Demon, he quickly realized that reading comprehension was vital in every section. 

Demon Team Apr 27, 2024How to Review LSAT Reading Comprehension

Erik and Brayden discuss when and how to review your mistakes in Reading Comprehension. 

Demon Team Apr 26, 2024Law School Prestige and Career Opportunities

Nathan and Erik discuss lower-ranked schools’ big law placement numbers and why hiring managers care about prestige.


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