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Demon Team Feb 13, 2024Why We Named It LSAT Demon

Ben and Nathan address a frequently asked question: “Why the name LSAT Demon?” The name’s origin aligns with their belief that every LSAT question can be solved with certainty. Later, the guys critique some shortsighted advice for Logical Reasoning. They also explore strategies for negotiating scholarships, and they discuss a rare exception to their advice not to pay for law school.

Demon Team Feb 13, 2024Solving a Sufficient Assumption Question

Watch Nathan attack a Sufficient Assumption question from Test 73 in this comprehensive explanation. Sufficient Assumption questions are predictable. The correct answer will simply connect the evidence to the conclusion.

Demon Team Feb 9, 2024153 to 177: Ashwin's LSAT Success Story

LSAT Demon student Aswhin joins Erik to share his LSAT success story. Ashwin improved his score from 153 to 177 by mastering LSAT Demon’s worlds-first approach to Logic Games and learning to love Reading Comprehension.

Demon Team Feb 1, 2024The GLAD Timeline for Law School Admissions

Ben and Nathan assure listener Dana that their GLAD guide applies to law school applicants of all ages. Start by focusing on your GPA, then begin studying and taking the LSAT, then Apply to law schools early and broadly, and finally, Decide which offer to accept.

Demon Team Jan 13, 2024LSAT Study Plan Advice

Ben and Nathan advise LSAT Demon student Harry on his LSAT study plan. Nathan advises to start out with Demon Live for a month and see for yourself the progress you can make in just one month. 

Demon Team Dec 28, 2023137 to 176: Robert's LSAT Success Story

LSAT Demon student Robert joins Erik to share his LSAT success story. Robert credits his perspective for his performance on the LSAT. While his perspective, he credits to studying with the Demon. Being a single dad with a full schedule, he was able to overcome the common doubts of many people applying to law school later in life. After pushing out applying for law school two years in a row, he got a 176 on his most recent LSAT.

Demon Team Dec 6, 2023Common Patterns in LSAT Reading Comprehension

Nathan and Erik identify some common patterns in LSAT Reading Comprehension. They suggest ways for students to apply their strengths in Logic Games or Logical Reasoning to RC. Erik says the entire test is a test of your ability to read and comprehend what you read.

Demon Team Nov 28, 2023134 to 160: Zahraa's LSAT Success Story

Zahraa is a former LSAT Demon student and current 1L at the University of Toledo College of Law. She joins Erik to share the story of her 26-point LSAT score improvement and of her experience so far in law school.

Demon Team Nov 7, 2023148 to 165: Gabrielle's LSAT Success Story

Gabrielle is a former LSAT Demon student and current 1L at St. John’s University. She joins Erik to share the story of her 17-point LSAT score improvement and to explain how studying for the LSAT helped to prepare her for law school.

Demon Team Nov 1, 2023155 to 173: Braden's LSAT Success Story

LSAT Demon student Braden joins Erik to share his LSAT success story. Braden improved his score by 18 points by adopting LSAT Demon’s intuitive and engaged approach to Reading Comprehension.


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