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Demon Team May 25, 2024152 to 176: Cole's LSAT Success Story

Demon team member Cole joins Erik to share his LSAT success story.

Demon Team May 24, 2024Scholarships Favor White People

Nathan and Ben react to a new ABA report on demographic trends in law school scholarships. The results are shocking, but not surprising: people of color receive a disproportionately low number of full ride scholarships. The information referenced in this episode came from Above The Law.

Demon Team May 23, 2024Don't Make Excuses for Bad Grades

Nathan and Erik discuss how listener Kelli can write a GPA addendum that doesn’t sound like she’s making excuses for bad grades.

Demon Team May 22, 2024Tips for Improving Your Vocabulary

Erik and Nathan share some tips for improving your vocabulary for the LSAT.

Demon Team May 19, 2024Student Loans Are Dangerous

A YouTuber romanticizes her $100,000 student loan debt. Nathan and Ben explain why her “investment” is unlikely to pay off. The bimodal distribution referenced can be found on Episode 808 of the LSAT Demon Daily podcast. 

Demon Team May 18, 2024Too Young for Law School?

An anonymous listener worries that their youth and inexperience will hurt their law school admissions chances. The guys recommend to focus on the positives being young and also obtaining the best LSAT score possible will offset any worries regarding age. 

Demon Team May 17, 2024Practice Gratitude

Listener Anna worries that she won’t crack 170 before she exhausts her five official attempts. Ben and Nathan encourage Anna to push forward while being grateful for her success so far.

Demon Team May 16, 2024157 to 170+: Marvin's LSAT Success Story

LSAT Demon student Marvin joins Erik to share his LSAT success story. Marvin emphasizes accuracy over speed and how the LSAT Demon drilling functionality is what he used to master this skill. He touts the benefit of using the Demon Discord to find a study group which helped him accelerate his learning. In addition, Marvin shares his perspective on taking a break and how that helped him improve his scores. His sendoff message: Don't give up!

Demon Team May 15, 2024Diversity Statement and GPA Addendum

Ben and Erik advise listener Makeda on how to highlight her strengths in her supplemental materials. 

Demon Team May 14, 2024RC Scores Dropping

Ben and Nathan tell an anxious listener not to fret over their recent practice test scores. One practice test is just another data point within a range of scores. The guys recommend dedicating more time to Reading Comprehension rather than being anxious about one data point. 


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